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“I Hate You, Tom Brady”

First of all, far be it from me to be unthankful.  Tom Brady has provided me with more happiness than I probably deserve. And I don’t blame him for the recent Superbowl loss to the Giants. Had he had the … Continue reading

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Dive Bar Definitions

Nowadays any place that isn’t a fancy-pants lounge gets pegged as a dive, usually by a slumming bohemian or a slumming office drone. Attention assorted goofballs posting on Yelp: just because a place has the ballgame on and some old … Continue reading

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Whitey Bulger Book Reviews

No, I don’t mean that Whitey is reviewing books, though by all accounts he was a reader, particularly of history and military matters. No, I thought in light of his semi-recent arrest I would offer quick reviews of basically every … Continue reading

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