Boston: townies to the world pt 2


Last week I wrote a long post about Boston and the ridiculousness of the townie stereotypes presented to the world. I thought it was basically all that I needed to say about the subject. Naturally, like 4 days after I post it, I get news of an even more cringeworthy example of Boston’s shucking and jiving: a reality show based upon Mark Wahlberg’s restaurant Wahlburger’s. I guess I asked for this after not including Marky Mark in the sacred trio of Boston stereotypes (sports, Dropkick Murphys, and Affleck & Damon), although he WAS in The Departed.

Yes, even after Southie Rules, there is still some gold to be mined in a Boston based reality show. Now, while admittedly there is some star power on display, I still can’t believe that people want to see both another Boston based reality show and another show about low-rent restaurants.

Prepare yourself for a full season of hardworking folk with terrible accents and the hustle and bustle of being Boston royalty. And of course, one can only hope that Wahlburger’s sinisterly testicular logo is inflicted on the rest of the world.


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1 Response to Boston: townies to the world pt 2

  1. chingo says:

    Related to this and your earlier post mentioning the Scandinavians wanting to hear Dropkick Murphys. Did you know about the chain of bars known as O’Leary’s Sports Bar and Grill?

    There is a large international chain of bars, headquartered in Sweden, based on Boston sports memorabilia. Check it out:

    I drank at the one at Changi Airport in Singapore – it’s really quite bizarre.

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