Nando’s and Grime: Pt 2


A while back I wrote an article about the popularity of African chicken chain Nando’s among UK grime artists. And, while much to my chagrin, there still isn’t a Nando’s in NYC, it is still popular with grime dudes in London. Check this recent interview with Lethal B, and see how genuinely surprised he was to hear that his frenemy Wiley may have a Black Card (which entitles one to free chicken).

Wiley famously allegedly has a Nando’s black card. What major food or consumables outlets have offered you discounts or preferential treatment?

Apparently so.
Fackin’ ell. That’s what I’m waiting for. I’m waiting for a black card. They parred me and gave me some vouchers.

I thought that was one of the top three facts everyone knew about Wiley.

Nah. Did not know that before. I think that’s why they didn’t give it to me. No offence, we’re black and we love chicken. End of the month the bills’d be like mortgage payments.

How much are we talking in terms of these vouchers?

They’re like chequebooks. So like, whenever I want one, they’ll just send em. They’ll never give me more than a hundred quid. Forty quid here, forty there. It’s alright, it’s better than nothing. But a black card could be useful. Big em up in the interview man: say they’re the best.

That’s against my code of ethics, I’m afraid. Did you have to apply for that?
I think I mentioned it in a magazine or paper and they got in touch. And apparently they said they don’t do the black cards anymore.

To be fair, I never thought Wiley HAD a Black Card, I always thought he was just obsessed with them. Scouring his past tweets, he talks about it a lot, but never says he has one. So, I’m siding with Lethal B on this one.


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