Kid Capri Killing It w/ 45’s

Spinning an all 45 set up at Crotona Park in the Bronx a few weeks back…   I made it up to the last event in July and saw Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Caz, and Jazzy Jay spin (albeit on Serato).  To me, Jay was the only one that was really killing it, but Theodore and Caz each had their moments. For Theodore, the quality of his own re-edits surprised me, as I didn’t know he produced.  For Caz, it was the simple fact that I didn’t know he was a pretty solid DJ, as I only knew him as an MC.

The spot itself inside Crotona Park is really cool, a stone ampthitheter.  I was sitting basically where this photo was taken:

The Tools Of War people have been running these events for a few years, but I could never go because of schedule conflicts.  Very glad to have finally made it up to one of these and will definitely check the events they are doing in Harlem in August.


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