Sunnyside Gardens: Abducted!! And Killed!!

Abducted and Killed!!  Wow.  First, check out the 3-D effects with the collar charm and all… Believe me, as someone who has had a pet meet a violent and premature end (Rest In Power, Squeaky), I understand the feelings of loss, anger, and sadness that this can bring. I am just not sure about the feeling that then leads one to go log onto and get the deluxe vinyl banner made like you were announcing 10 Cent Wing Wednesdays.  Is that the second or the third stage of grieving, I can never get those straight…  Or was it a warning to all the other cat owners in the neighborhood, on some Antoine Dodson steez? And, just because their cat is missing, how do they know it was killed?  Cats run away all the time, I am sure people do indeed abduct cats every once in a while, but outside of the mythical chinese restaurants from urban legends of yore (and maybe a serial killer in training or two), does anyone really abduct and kill people’s cats? Was the cat missing for a week and then did someone dump the body in their yard with a note attached? Actually, if the cat did turn up dead a week later,  I would be more apt to think a stray dog or even a coyote did it.  Not for nothing, but a coyote was found in Calvary Cemetary earlier this year, which is literally about 4 blocks from where this banner was hanging in Sunnyside Gardens.  Just sayin’…


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