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Grime Time: Chronik “How To Be An MC”

Chronik is is probably the biggest roadman in grime right now, which means he is in and out of jail all the time, and presumably the idea of clashing with him leaves little sound boys shook in their shoes… Grime … Continue reading

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New York On A Nickel A Day Pt 3: Habibi and Souk El Shater

Living in Queens is certainly a blessing for a man with a small budget and a large appetite.  Constantly battling over the title for “Most Diverse Place on Earth” with Toronto, Queens is home to good, cheap food from around … Continue reading

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Dive Bar Definitions

Nowadays any place that isn’t a fancy-pants lounge gets pegged as a dive, usually by a slumming bohemian or a slumming office drone. Attention assorted goofballs posting on Yelp: just because a place has the ballgame on and some old … Continue reading

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Kid Capri Killing It w/ 45’s

Spinning an all 45 set up at Crotona Park in the Bronx a few weeks back…   I made it up to the last event in July and saw Grand Wizard Theodore, Grandmaster Caz, and Jazzy Jay spin (albeit on … Continue reading

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Whitey Bulger Book Reviews

No, I don’t mean that Whitey is reviewing books, though by all accounts he was a reader, particularly of history and military matters. No, I thought in light of his semi-recent arrest I would offer quick reviews of basically every … Continue reading

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Sunnyside Gardens: Abducted!! And Killed!!

Abducted and Killed!!  Wow.  First, check out the 3-D effects with the collar charm and all… Believe me, as someone who has had a pet meet a violent and premature end (Rest In Power, Squeaky), I understand the feelings of … Continue reading

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